Monday, June 25, 2007


Friday night at the Lenexa BBQ was a good time.
Good food, beer, and people.... everywhere... hello ladies
A lot of really good ribs were eaten and a lot of cheap keg beer was guzzled
Even popped by the Keyhole Tavern for a pitcher on the way home
I am now a card carrying club member...#971 -crazy old Kansas laws
Spend a majority of Saturday at the BBQ again. Too much food sun and beer
Bike was a bit weavy on the ride home
Got home at 7 and showered with the intention of heading back out to meet some kids at the bar.
I made the mistake of laying on the bed "just for a minute"... woke up at 1 AM... oops
Sunday laid around the house all morning, coffee with K, burrito for lunch
Off to Landal with Mr. Joshua and Caton for 3 hours or dirt rockin' good times
It was hot... I stopped at one point to attempt to clean my glasses and realized that every that was touching my body was dripping
I was ringing out my gloves and headband - which I was happy I had - a couple of times during the ride
It felt great while spinning... stopping = soaked
I had a really good ride
Handling skills seemed on, legs felt good, the bike felt good
Granted I found myself on the ground a couple of time
Funny how trees seem to jump out at you
Came home, cleaned up and headed up to the corner for dinner and tasty beers
Took today off the bike, felt sluggish and tired all day
The race weekend approches
Of the 4 race local Heartland series I have only made it to one and I DNFed...not quite how I thought this 4 race series would go
Going for a better finish Sunday
Up tomorrow and on the roadie for a nice out south and back loop before work
Dirt is planned for Wednesday
Looking forward to a good week

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