Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rapture in Misery 6/12

It was rough.
During first lap I was ready to quit, pack the car and go home.
I was riding terrible, my hands hurt (shitty grips been meaning to change the and haven't... paid the price with blisters on my palms) and I couldn't find a rhythm.
First lap is always rough unless you are the leader (and if you are leading you better be fast)
Everyone jocking for postion, one person in a line fucks up and every one stops...didn't want it to be me it was once.
End of the lap I had a snack, swapped bottles, and slammed a ice cold Bud Heavy.
To the promotors that their race sucked and I wasn't having any fun -they stood up and cheered yelling that the had won.
Pedaled out for lap two.
Much better
Fewer people, I rode better, I was having fun, it was probably my fastest lap.
I stopped for 10 minutes to eat, drink, swap bottles, chat with a couple of people, and apply more butter.
Lap three was alright but I flatted.Changing the flat was quick and made for a nice mid lap break.
Lap 4 hurt
My 4th lap I was starting to get ragged so I was riding slow on purpose hoping that it would be my last lap.
Only squeezed out 4 laps in the 6 hours.
I sat for a bit, peeled off the jersey, put down some water and a candy bar.
Dropped the pop up tent and loaded the van.
Said hi to a couple of people and split for home.
I was showered and eating delivery pizza by 9.
Good day but I am wiped out today.
Back, legs, shoulders, and hands are sore today.
Good times over all.
Wish I would have ridden better but I had a good time and that was the point.
51 riders in the 6 hour solo class.
The most we have ever had at that race.Next year they are going to split the race in to classes.
Felt werid leaving with out helping do the event tear down but I don't thin I could have helped much.
I was asleep by 1130 and slept until 1130 this morning
I have moved from the bed to the sofa, grabbing the left over pizza, today... and thats pretty much it.
Its still early so we will see how much I end up doing today if any thing at all.


cvo said...

I kept seeing the bkb kit here and there.. wanted to stop and say what up.. but I was too busy trying to not fall off my bike...

I hit 5 laps, 4 busch tall boys. and one big ass blister on my palm...

went by you on the first lap, all I heard you say was.. nice sandles... yeah, I race in sandles...

see ya next race dude...I'll be sure to hand you up a beer.. or hand you one off at hff..


sydney_b said...

hey zeke, what you racin' next weekend? i'm headed to 'cruise the blues' -- maybe see u there?

Blake said...

i think for the last three years at this race i've passed you when your changing a flat... whats up; time for some tire liners big guy! see you at the shop

Cornbread said...

Nice to see some stars and hearts out there. I thought you were Endurosnob a couple of times.

Good job at the race.