Tuesday, October 30, 2007

BLVD Cross 10/28/2007


sydney_b said...

too cool... ;)

Jessicaaaa said...

Who dat sexy man?

Yoo dat sexy mann!

scott showen said...

your beer drinking form is almost as good as your barrier running.

gwadzilla said...

great photos!

my mountain bike team hosted a cyclocross event this year
pretty sweet
some real race competition
over two hundred racers
no single speed class
the classes are just sorting themselves out

people need to find their class

not everyone gets to win
but some people need to bump up
the top fields are thick with very intense competition
while there are smaller fields in the elite

not enough people on cross singles to create such a class
but I would build one up if they had such things

that said
Betsy Shogren is dominating so many races in the Women's Elite
in some of these races she swaps out bikes for her single speed cross bike
not always due to a mechanical
just because she likes it

and it does not alter her performance

I would hate to be under geared
then again
I would hate to be over geared

the folks on fixies?
that is a trip

zekesbiken said...

I would rather race SS in the 4's than in the SS class. Those boys are fast!
Have a friend from Lincoln (Tony) who used to race cross on is fixie. He was one of the smoothest dismount/mounters for the barriers I have ever seen. I ride fixie, I used to ride fixie off road, but Tony is S-M-O-O-T-H