Sunday, October 21, 2007

Homie Fall Fest = a drunk stumbly one eyed guy

SS is where its at.
pussed out and didn't do the cross race today in MPLS today...
should have but I would have puked

got way drunk yesterday at the Homie Fall Fest
spent a lot of time falling down
getting up and then falling down again
I giggled at myself a bunch

Lots of people I talked to today seemed very surpised that I was ok and walking around
supposedly I was found drunk and alone laying in he woods at some point
Gen-o and crew got me up, dug my sweater out of my bag and dressed me up in warmer gear
you guys kick ass

guess I was d-r-u-n-k

good times
met bob of Bob Brown cycles today
Met Eric of Peacock Groove too
too many good people
you need to put this weekend on your schedule for next year

sneaking some time on the wyfi with Simon's MacBook
shhhhh.... don't tell him

CRC coffee in the AM, possible trail ride with some locals, hitting QBP for a tour then doing the61/2 hour drive home
supposed to head out for drinks in KC as soon as I get back for K's going way bash
buzz me if you want to play

Rock it


cvo said...

good to hang with you this weekend dude,

see ya soon,
probably at nationals or something...


Squirrel said...

Good too see you again brutha:) Teri and I will be there for years to come:)

you didn't look all that bad last time I saw you. But then again...whiskey drops a big hammer all at once:)


mark said...

Someone found a u-lock on the homie. Send me a flickr mail and I'll try to hook you up.


pete said...

Saw you lost a lock. I found one down there, what did it look like? If it is yours I will get it back to ya.