Monday, November 26, 2007

Side project

I decided that I don't spend nearly enough time on the computer and I needed something else to fill my free time.
So I have started myself a little side project.
The BikeSource Shop Blog
This came about for a few reasons.
As nice and information filled as our regular store site is it was lacking in "local flavor". Besides the event page that I keep updated with the local races etc there was nothing that was paticular to our store.
Plus with Kansas City Cross Nationals coming up on the 13th of December we needed a place to post items about the up coming event.
Nothing aganist our store site but there was nothing on there about the biggest cycling event of the year to come to our area, and our shop is a title sponsor.
I just thought that we needed some way of promoting our shop and KCCX. I might have waited too long to do it but hey its here now. And now we have a new fun thing to play with at the shop. A space to promo ourselves, announce sales, show cool pics of the hottest newest bikes (we have some customers with some wicked rides!), make ride annoucements, tech tips, winter clothing tips, etc... Hell we might even use the space to poke fun at ourselves.
Check it out, let me know what you think. Its a work in progress so there is more content and links to come.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That sucks! I was looking forward to reading the new blog! aren't big corporates awesome?! See you at the shop soon - or at Bosscross.