Friday, December 21, 2007

ADVOCACY ALERT: Katy Trail Connection (only takes 2 min)

The Taum Sauk settlement, which includes the provision for the Katy Trail
connection to Kansas City, has a 30-day public comment period.

Some opposition to the Katy Trail portion of the settlement has
surfaced--so if we'd like to see the KC connection to the Katy happen, we'd
better spend a couple of minutes voicing our support.

We've made it dead easy--and this is a case where no long letter is needed,
but just adding your voice to the chorus of "We support the Katy Trail".

Do it in two minutes flat:

The comment period ends December 27th.

We'd like to get at least a thousand comments. With Christmas coming up
and only 10 days to do it, that won't be easy . . . so I'd really
appreciate it if you'd spend a couple of minutes and also invite your
friends to do the same.

This settlement is about 46-mile stretch of trail from Windsor to Pleasant
Hill. But the impact will truly by felt statewide:

- by extending what is already the nation's longest rail-trail--combined
with the new 11-mile eastern Katy Trail extension, we'll have trail system
totaling over 280 miles
- by connecting the state's two largest population centers
- by filling in the most difficult and essential missing piece of the
Quad-State Trails System
- by forming the core of a truly statewide Missouri Trails System that
MoBikeFed would like to see become reality

Two minutes here is all it takes:

Happy holidays!



Dr. Brent Hugh, LCI #1335
Executive Director --- Missouri Bicycle Federation 816-695-6736

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