Monday, December 17, 2007

I think I am still cold

Boss let me have the day off today
I think I really needed it
I am beat after the weekend
probably should have gone for a bike ride since it was so nice out but didnt
slept in, ran out to the shop, had lunch and watched a movie
thats all I have done today
I feel pretty torched
don't know if its a combo of the last 4 days
purposely getting D-runk last night
Probably both

Need to get the few photos I took up on the Flickr page and some thoughts put together for here
Roger has a ton of photos from the weekend up on his Lanterne Rouge Racing page
Spoke to another guy (who's name I don't remember) who told me he had burned though something like 6 rolls of film... and that was before the Elite races
There were BKB brothers in attendance
Saw them racing but never got a chance to speak to any of them
The Darkness picked up first in the Single Speed race Sunday morning

Need to do a recap post but don't currently feel up to it
Maybe by tomorrow night my brain will be rested and defrosted
Til then check out the reports on the KCCX blog

1 comment:

P.I.A. One Speed Freak said...

The Darkness... ah, now I can put that and Marko together. Makes sense now. Dude's freakin' fast.

Hope you enjoyed the day off.