Monday, December 24, 2007

Well its Christmas Eve...

And I am recovering from a crazy night at the Grandparents house
Crazy for many reasons:
First year ever that my grandparents have seemed so old and frail, makes me worry what the next year will bring for them
My older cousin who just finished up a 8 year prison stretch was there
Growing up I always found him to be a bit odd/creepy...
getting busted twice in a row for statutory rape doesn't help him any
And what lesson do we take from his mistakes boys?
Even if she says she wants to, if she is under 18, DUDE, DO NT DO IT!
And finally there were kids, kids, and more kids.
Reminded me once again how happy I am that I don't have any
Because come I can come home to a quite home
Got myself some leftovers from last night (got to Granny's late and most the food was gone)
A 6 pack of Boulevard Pale Ale and Two of the Smoke Stack series beers
And the topper...
just bought myself the Simpson's Movie as a Christmas gift to me...
Merry Christmas One Eyed z!

I hope everyone is happy and are doing what ever it is they want to do this holiday season

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