Friday, January 04, 2008

Horray! The Cross Check arrived!

My new Misty Mountain Gray Surly Cross Check arrived today.
Its purdy.
I was worried that I wasn't gonna have time to even start building it.
95 bikes from Specialized arrived today as well. Which means counting, receiving, and hand writing bike cards for all of them... its not fun but it is part of the job.

But Big Grin came to my rescue.
BG- "Dude you want me to start on your bike?"
ME- Na, that's cool I will get to it.
BG- 'You sure?'
Me- Yeah.
BG- 'Are you sure you are sure? You got alot to do.'
Me- Well if you wanna put in the headset... I will do the rest at home tomorrow but I don't have a headset press.
BG- 'OK... what about the rest?'
ME- Nah....

Next thing you know Big Grin has my whole box of parts out of the van and on his work bench.
He built the whole thing.
I would have felt bad but since it was his idea... how can I?
Gotta love that guy.
I still need to cut the steer tube (doing that Monday) but other than that it is ready to ride.
I think with the frame color combined with the white cable housing, orange Chris King headset, and Profile 'natural' cork tape really makes it pop!

Speaking of Big Grin (AKA Team Sexy Pants) I pulled this clip from his blog when I was setting up the links.
Don't fuck with bikers... you never know what will happen.