Sunday, January 27, 2008

worked over

Wow, what a weekend.
I am worked over.
Good times and lot so riding for me.
Critical Mass was fun but strangely different this month, not sure what made it different or strange but it was.
Spend Saturday afternoon on the bike riding with Bryce.
Got home about 5. Chopped off the beard and cleaned up. Jumped on the "Bastard Child" for its first ride and boogied down to the Sex Police show.
Ended up crawling in to bed about 6 AM
I crawled back out at 130
I am beat.
Its a beautiful day and I should go ride but my body aches.
I need a masseuse to work over my legs. Woke up with then if full double time cramped up so bad I thought I was gonna cry.
Hate that.
Need to do more than lay here today but my legs don't like me.
It hurts to stand, it hurst to sit, hell it hurts to think.
So I am gonna stop thinking. Turn my brain off and eat some food.

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