Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Glad that week is over

Its Tuesday. A week ago today I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck.
Turns out I had some sort of space fungi living in my lungs.
I spent for days on the couch or in bed. Even simply pacing "Z Manor" left me breathing heavily and sweating.
This wasnt a good sign.
Four days with a lot of water, bad T.V. and some pretty decent movies.
I made a list. 12 total.
A week later I know I feel better but I am still not quite here.
Motovation for anything isn't really there
Funny how being sick for 4 days and then two days of play put you right back feeling like its the frist day not being sick.
Two days of play? Yeah I manged to feel good enough to play on Saturday and Sunday.
I put 23 miles on the road Saturday with Bryce. It wiped me pretty good and I didn't go out again after that ride.
Sunday I set out to have breakfast with Mr. Joshua, Laura, and Feyh. The restrant was closed so we changed plans. Ended up at McCoy's for bloody mary's and eats. Bloody Mary's turned into $6 pitchers. Other friends arrived. Beer flowed freely.
Nex thing I know its 3AM Monday morning and I have just got home.
Where did Sunday go and how do I think I am starting a fresh new week back on the job?
Funny how time flys by when you are hanging and drinking with friends, new and old.
Needless to say Monday was kinda rough.
I was back in bed again by 9 PM.
Lot of things to play catch up with at work this week.
Heading to MPLS for Frost Bike Friday afternoon. Could be a fun weekend.
I am a bit concerned though. Going with a couple of guys from work.
And although its techincally a work trip I want to have fun.
Not baby sit.
Big Grin won't be a problem but I worry that the other fella might be.
I would like to talk to him about it and didn't when I had the chance, now he is at Specialized in Morgan Hill. I won't see him until Friday night in MPLS.
I ain't one to air work differences (anymore) here and its a long story that I don't want to get into.
I just don't want to baby sit.
Nuff said.

Now thanks to Big Grin, enjoy this peice of Pork.

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