Thursday, February 07, 2008

One foot in the grave, the other on a bannana peal

Well, as of last night I thought I would be back this morning.
I spent the day asleep either in bed or on the couch. I didnt move around much until 5 PM.
I went to bed at 9 and realized my folly sleeping all day.
At midnight I was still awake and my chest aching cough came back. I was awake until 6 laying there listening to my head and chest throbing and burning.
I finally dozed off at 7 for an hour. I woke up at 8 freezing, I hopped in a hot shower trying to warm up and that is when the puking began.
Although I think changing my environment might help I am having a hard time focusing, its taking longer than it should to type this. Plus I dont' want to start a coughing/puking fit again while I am driving, that doesn't sound very safe.

I am sitting here in warm pants, heavy wool socks, long underwear top and bottom, and a heavy sweat shirt and I am shivering.
This sucks

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sydney_b said...

oh man, sounds awful. Here's hoping you're feeling better soon, zeke. And for the record, you don't actually have to get sick to call in sick. So, don't be so authentic next time.