Friday, February 29, 2008

Need nutrition?

*Crappy cell phone photo

Holy piles of nutrition Batman!

Checking in and price tagging a ton of nutrition today for the store. PowerBar, Clif (bar, shots, and blocks), GU, and Jelly Belly.
The photo is just the individual packets that I have to price tag on my bench.

I also checked in this morning a lot of the big jugs of powder drink mix from Endurox, Accelerade, and Cytomax. Plus items from Hammer like Perpetuem, Sustained Energy, HEED, and gel.
Not sure on the actual count of product numbers but I know its a lot.
I also checked in several cans of Jittery Joe's coffee.
May have to have a price tagging party back here today.
Wonder if someone would bring beer?

Guess I need to get off of here and get this stuff priced tagged or I am never getting out of here today. Its a beautiful day and I want to go ride my bike!

*also checked in a set of Zipp 404 demo wheels today. I am taking them home and putting some miles on them this weekend!

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