Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cool windy Saturday

I picked up one of these jerseys for myself yesterday. Seems to fit pretty good. I have yet to ride in it.
My intention was to wear it to race the HSP Spoke Pony 3/6 that is happening right now at Landhal Park.
But that is pretty obviously not happening give that as I type this in my living room they are two hours into the race.
No excuses really... I am just weak.
I woke up this morning tired and with achy legs from riding around last night.
I did Critical Mass on the BFM fixie pulling my B.O.B. with a cooler of PBR. I didn't get drunk, which was good because I hadn't planned to, but I was disappointed when the cooler was empty. I guess a case of beer only goes so far. There were several rolling beer hand ups straight out of the cooler. A few people felt daring enough to try it.
Speaking of daring... Billy from River Market Cycles was rolling on his GT Peace 29er and attempting to pull a wheelie and set his front wheel down on the cooler while we were rolling. He tried a few times but only tapped it once. I few times I tried to turn around and watch but when I did my bike would move off line. Jonis was trying to take photos of it and he showed me a sequence of photos of the trailer with Billy's wheel in the air behind it. The one tap that Billy got the camera missed.
Bigger group than the last couple CRs, 200 riders? Pretty good for the first CR of spring.
Everyone seemed to be having a good time. While in the Plaza/Westport area there were a few crashes. I think a couple of those were caused by hipster kids on flat pedaled brakeless fixies.
They aren't skilled enough riders to be risking the safety of other riders around them on a group ride. Not too cool when your lack of skill puts someone else on the ground.
I ride fixie but I use a brake. Does this mean I am not a "true" fixie rider? Does this damage my street cred? Do I care? Not really.

Speaking of riding, I have been screwing around here all afternoon. Maybe I will go for a ride. If I end up at a bar... well thats a nice way to spend a cool windy Saturday afternoon.

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