Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday morning

Put the demo set of Zipp 404s on my Surly Pacer this morning. Took it for a short ride.
Its pretty damn windy out today. 67 and sunny but crazy windy.
Rolled to the end of the street and turning the corner almost lost the bike. The wind is so strong it almost blew the bike out from under me. Road about 8 miles in the wind before I gave up and came home. Switched bikes and pedaled down to meet Bryce at the Brooksider for a beer then over to Galhollies at 39th and Bell.
Just got home a bit ago and sucked down some Ben and Jerry's.
Thinking it might be time to take a nap.


Meetzorp said...

I was rockin' panniers today, and let me tell you, a side-wind (which is what I had for about half of my way home) was fuckin' brutal. I was riding all leaning to one side. SUCK. But I needed my crap-hauler bike to tote home some new (new-to-me) picture frames.

Still, riding into that wind heading South was no freakin' joke.

I was kind of in your neighborhood this morning. I was down to 76th & Troost trying to do some research for a work project.

wunnspeed said...

There's something so wrong with Zipp wheels on a Surly.

One Eyed z said...

Even better when that Surly has 105 down tube shifters and RD. It is fairly balanced out though. Campy Record cranks, full carbon fork, carbon stem, with the normal wheels being a 105/Open Pro rear and a Dura Ace/Sun front.
Its all in good fun. Now if I could get a nice non-gale force winds day to try it out.