Monday, March 03, 2008

Spinning my wheels

I was riding around the hood yesterday getting a feel for my new fork on the 29er (see post below). I was wishing trails were dry so I could really test it out but Mother Nature hasn't been very nice to dirt riders in these parts lately.
So there I was, spinning my brains out wishing that I had more of a road gear on my 29er. Which I got to thinking that today I would buy a new smaller (15 or 16t) freewheel for city riding.
I haven't been on my 29er since October so I figure if the trails are gonna be wet some street riding on it wouldn't' be a bad idea to get me used to the feel of the bike again.
This will require a different gear.
Wouldn't it nice if some one made a double freewheel?
Kinda like Surly's Dingle Cog?
Turns out someone does, namely White Industries.
I have a White Industries freewheel on my racing cross bike now and love it.
It bounces back and forth between my cross bike and my 29er.
It was expensive, I only have one, and luckily both my cross bike and 29er run the same gear on the rear.
Now if I had a WI double freewheel it would be like having the best of both worlds.
No more spinning my brains out for no speed on the road or not being able to muscle my way down the trail.
And no pulling off the wheel, getting out the chain whip and freewheel remover to do it.
I am liking this idea.
I am going to inquire to WI to see what I can get a double freewheel for and then possibly order myself up the 16/18 for the 29er.
Seems like a great idea and I am glad to discover that someone makes one.
OK... that's enough from me for now, back to work.
I just got off the phone with White Industries. Ordered my 16/18 double freewheel and it will ship tomorrow.
I bet I have it by the weekend!!
Woo! Woo!
Gotta stop spending money on bike parts and pay some rent and bills...
or me and all my bikes will be living out of my van down by the river.


Meetzorp said...

Joel set up my 29er with two cogs in the back and two chainrings in the front, and I can manually switch between my street and trail gear.

I kind of became a singlespeeder by default, because my attention span is too short for me to be shifting gears when I'm on the trails. I just switch over to my offroad gears once I reach BuRP and go nutty.

Not quite so slick as the White Industries gizmos, but it does solve that stree vs trail gear dilemma.

One Eyed z said...

You have a pretty good set up.
My current set up limits me to freewheels. That or build a new wheel. I am excited to try it out.