Friday, April 18, 2008

Its Friday!

Yep its that time of the week again... FRIDAY!!
So what is on tap for the weekend?
Well not a whole lot really. Well OK that's not exactly true.
The "regular" Saturday ride (the ride I dubbed the "Old Guys Rule" ride -I'm the young one) won't be happening because ring leader Bryce is in Mexico doing his annual Rosarito 50 mile ride.
Not that he is really the ring leader but since no one else seems to show up except the two of us for the ride anymore (guess its been too cold) its better he be the leader than me. His got the age on me anyway.
Besides I cant go because I have an event to work.
Saturday is a JCBC club ride dubbed the Spring Classic. They almost waited too long to ask if our shop would send out someone, they just asked last Friday. The boss told him he would send someone but they could only work the start. That someone being me.
I figured since I am gonna go ride that day and I am gonna be there anyway why not jump in after the start and do the 70 miler with the club? I contacted the organizer and told him my thoughts and they are hooking me up so I don't have to pay and I can take advantage of the SAG stops etc. Nice.
My plan was to barrow a fancy bike from the shop, get all kitted out in the stores team kit and be a rolling advertisement and promotion vehicle for the store during the ride. But as luck would have it, the only road bikes we have in stock that are big enough for me don't run high end components. At the risk of being a bike snob if I am going to barrow a shop bike I want to ride something that has better components than what I have.
I really wanted to ride something with SRAM Red or Campy but I would have settled for Dura Ace if we had something that would fit me.
But nope, not this time.
Oh well.
Looks like I am riding my Pacer with down tube shifters but for fun (they are in the van) I might put the demo Zipp wheels on it again for the day.
Why not?
I am however going to go all roadie and do the full store kit including white helmet and road shoes. Cause some times you just gotta do it.
Well here we are, Friday night. I don't have any real big plans. Maybe hop on one of the bikes and pedal downtown. See what the other kids are up to tonight.
The free mechanic session called "Mocktail" is going down on Hobo Island.
Then a party at D-Nice's.
I think I will hit both and call it an early night. Well not too early but still I have to be somewhere in the AM so there is no sleeping off the hangover tomorrow.
Thats what Sunday is for.


wunnspeed said...

Take some pics. That's usually a pretty cool ride.

One Eyed z said...

I forgot my camera