Thursday, April 17, 2008


So I am up early today. Real early.
I was supposed to be on the KC Sprint Campus set up and ready to work on 130 bikes at 730 this morning. As part of their week long Earth Day celebration they were having a bicycle race around the campus. Weird idea especially when you take into consideration that they decided that for the safety of the participants to not allow standard road bikes to be used. All around on the road are huge speed bumps and apparently they worried that some one on a skinny tired road bike would get hurt. Err… OK.
Yesterday an email came through about how the race might be canceled due to weather but they would call us and let us know.
So I get up at 545, do my normal morning stuff, get dressed, hop in the van and head to the shop. After a quick stop at Dirty Ron’s I was clocked in at the shop to start loading the van at 645.
So begins the first problem of the day.
Miscommunication #1:
I wasn’t doing this event alone, one of our wrenches was supposed to meet me at the shop to go with me. At a bit after 7 the van is loaded and ready, my Dirty Ron’s is in my belly and I am ready to go… still no 2nd man so I gave him a buzz. I think he was still in bed.
z- Dude. You are on your way right?
#2 - On my way where?
z- Dude! We have talked all week about meeting at the shop so we could be set up and ready to work this event in 20 minutes.
#2 – I never got a call saying it was happening
z- Ugh… just meet me there.
Some how he had gotten the impression that we would get a Yes or No call compared to just a No call if the event got canceled.
I headed to the event and it started to rain so I called him back and told him not to hurry and I would call if I really needed him to show up.
So I get to the Sprint Campus just before 730. I don’t really have any idea where on the campus I am supposed to be so I go to the only place I know of for sure which is the small visitor’s lot by the “Relaxation Courtyard”.
Miscommunication #2:
I went inside to the front desk and asked where I was supposed to be. The guy had no idea so he called down his supervisor who had no idea so he called down his supervisor who had a general idea of what was going on. He knew where I was supposed to be but not when. So after they tried several times to contact the person in charge I got back in the van and drove across campus to the spot where they said the race started.
Miscommunication #3:
I called the only # I had which was for security. According to them SET UP didn’t even start for this race until 930. 930? Why in the hell am I there at 730?
Well according to the info I was given there was going to be 130 riders and each bike had to be safety checked before they could “race”. So getting there early made sense if the race started at 930 like I was told.
I got another call while I was sitting there and it was my contact person at Sprint. He explained that the race was cancelled. Not because of the pending rain but because not enough people signed up to do it. Of the thousand of people that work on the Sprint Campus they couldn't find enough people to take time out of their day for a bike ride? Really?
Nice. So I have been on the Sprint Campus for 45 minutes for nothing.
“Oh, you’re here? With all your stuff? Shit.”
Needless to say I was back at the shop by 830 digging in to my regular work.
I split out of work early figuring I had been on the clock for my 8 hours sufficiently
Maybe tomorrow will go better.
Not that today wasn't fun but it defiantly didn't start out the best.
I am supposed to be at the Sprint Campus again Friday for a Earth Day Expo of sorts... as long as it doesn't rain.


sydney_b said...

You'll have to treat yourself to something to make up for it. :) Least it's Friday.

One Eyed z said...

Yes at least its friday
Rainy friday but friday.

Anonymous said...

That falls under the heading of miscommunication sucks BALLS!