Saturday, May 31, 2008

Healing is a slow process.

Its been a week since the Go Jones Rim Job race.
Its been a long crazy week.
The leg looks pretty gross here but I just got out the the shower where I scrubbed off the big thick scab.

My theory on scabs has always been let the big thick ones form because its cleaning the wound and pulling all of the curd out of it. Then peel it off and start again.
Painful yes but it gets the crap out for better healing.

I don't think this theory is very popular and I have been told not to do it. But it seems to work for me.

Good think I never had any aspirations to be a leg model.

*on a side note... the big wedding is today. My brother from a diffrent mother Mr. Joshua and his lovely lady Ms. Laura are getting hitched this afternoon. I'm all showered up and clean shaven and gonna head that way shortly. Gotta get cooled off from the ride and get dudded up for photos. They made the mistake of having me in the wedding party... good thing we are wearing pants.


Anonymous said...

Why not try something less painful?
The web site is check out the DVD called "Soul Masters." Dr. Sha and Dr. Gou demonstrate a system called Soul,Mind,Body healing. You'll be amazed by it.

wunnspeed said...

That's a good way to end up with scaring and endangering yourself with infection. Let the damn thing heal. It'll probably do it quicker if you leave it alone. Oh... please don't eat the scabs!

One Eyed z said...

No thanks Wazir. I will stick to conventional methods
My soul is fine.... black as ever but fine.