Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Victory is Mine!

Last Tuesday... was it last Tuesday...?
Yeah.... last Tuesday.
I went to Club 75 for a beer after dinner and to see who was still around after the club ride.
I pedaled up and locked to what is really the only locking spot out front. There was another bike there, I knew who it belonged to, didn't think too much about it and locked up to the other side of the pole
I had drinks, shared stories, etc etc etc... for a few hours.
Later I stepped out to pedal home and while unlocking my steed
I discovered this on the handlebars:

There is a regular who seems to think that the pole out front is only for one... namely him.
I am not the first to get a note.
I have heard of other negative encounters with him and other cyclists. I don't remember a pleasant encounter, until now.

The day after the note I plotted ways to get my revenge.
The note was so silly how could I not? It seemed like it could be good fun.
I forgot about it over the course of the week and weekend. Then suddenly Tuesday I remembered, and decided on a plan....
Get to the pole first!
I got off work at 6 and the club ride started at 630. Normally we cross paths, me going north/east to their south/west, and we did.
I didn't see him until I was almost to the bar. He was several blocks ahead of me on 79th... heading in the direction of the bar?
I guess he either doesn't ride the whole route or he goes earlier than everyone else.
Suddenly my plan's success was in jeopardy.
Pedal faster!
I got on the gas and took an earlier side street to get over to 75 hoping I could cut him off.
I jumped through the drive train as I rounded the corner into 75THs traffic for the finial stretch.
I could see the bar and the pole just a head...
there was already a bike there... and its not his!
Even better!
I skidded to a stop and locked up next to an Electra Hawaii rainbow colored woman's cruiser. Sweet ride.
While I was standing there catching my breath I noticed "Sleepy Spice" (what he's called by some - he has narcolepsy and is often seen sitting, beer in front of him, asleep in the bar) waiting to cross the street. He looked and noticed the bikes on the pole and let out an audible... "shit".
I'd won.
No matter how childless the situation really was I was....
Victory was mine!
This week...


wunnspeed said...

I thought that you were going to say that you'd, finally, gotten laid again. However, this is much better! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

You should cut the pole down with a hack saw Monday Night. And plant the son of a bitch in his front yard while he is on the ride Tuesday. When he returns home after nap time at the bar, he will find it.

Or cut it down place a smaller pole about a foot long inside of cut off section and return the pole. So it becomes removable. When he is chained up to it next Tuesday remove the pole and push his bike into the bathroom.

Or hit him in the neck with your hand and tell him to never write you a note again.

What ever you feel like would be funniest.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the note, should it not read "MY" bike parking pole. WTF is I Bike Parking Pole. Or, is it 1 bike parking pole, can he not share? I vote hit him in the neck! He must be an only child, or a tool. Hit him in the neck.