Thursday, June 26, 2008

AM Commute

It was a cool comfortable spin in to work this morning
I hadn't ridden more than a few miles over state line today when I heard it
Buzzing by me on my left what I expected to be a scooter was a guy on a Gary Fisher comfort bike.
Low seat, high bars, flip flops, bike helmet, backpack, cigarette
The Fisher sported a rear rack that held a weed eater motor that powered the rear wheel
He buzzed by but I caught him at the next light
I jokingly commented on how he was cheating
We had a laugh and then he said he used it because he has a long commute
Quickly he laid out his destination and starting point a few blocks back
His commute is under 5 miles
I laid out my commute... its 15
Wide eyed he says: "Whoa... that IS a long commute"
I smiled to my self the rest of the way to the shop

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