Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dumpster Notes

Noticed the below note taped to the dumpster out back today.
I thought it was pretty funny.
Its not aimed at the shop and its not written by anyone from our shop... well at least no one admitted to it.
I am pretty sure its aimed at the restaurant next door.... Beach Bums Island
They are one of two restaurants in our 7 business complex and they NEVER break down their cardboard and put it in the recycle bin.
They stuff their empty boxes, not broken down in the regular trash dumpsters. Which in turn fills a 1/2 full dumpster completely... as they both are today.
Thanks for sharing the space with the rest of us....
I guess this is what you get when the manager is a total tool who runs a restaurant aimed at kids (they serve $9 sandwiches... $9 sandwich for a little kid?) and all of the employees are high school EMO kids or illegals*

*OK, was a bit of a blanket statement.
I have no idea if there are illegals that work there and not all of the other employees are EMO kids... some of gals are pretty cute...
"Thats the thing about high school girls. I keep getting older and they stay the same age."
Yeah I am a dirty old man....

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