Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tour of Missouri = Good Times!

Our expo tent:

The raffle bike provided by Specialized - 2009 Roubaix Elite

All proceeds go towards having the women's crit again in 2009!

Hot rods to show:

Reasons to visit the shop:

Women's crit:


Men's race on the big screen:

Our set up was right on the the women's crit course
When the men came in to town and were on the next street over... thats why we were watching on the big screen.
This is also the reason we don't have any photos of the mens race.
Couldn't wander too far from the tent.
If you are wondering... the our expo tent looks unvisited because we snapped photos before any one was really there.
We had some great foot traffic.
Lots of raffle tickets sold and questions answered.
Over all another good day at the races!

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