Friday, October 03, 2008

10-4... good buddy

Saturday should be fun
A friend I have know since I was a wee lad is getting married Saturday

I don't know who is the bigger fool
My friend for asking me to be in the wedding
Or me for agreeing to do so
At least he didn't ask me to be the best man

The best parts about weddings?
I look damn good in a tuxedo
And weddings are a supposed to be good place to hook up... right?
I have been to and in alot of weddings (ALOT) and that rarely (never) happens
It does make for some good stories ...
*insert flash back music here*
Several years ago I went to Sadella for a college buddy's wedding
I met a gal
Tall thin with a good shape
Dark hair Glasses
Very cute but also sexy in that "dirty librarian" kind of way
She was very obviously interested
Good eye contact (I had two then) Interesting small talk.
We had a dance
It had potential to be a promising evening
She told me she had a room there in the hotel
She invited me up... and then...
Then I asked about her husband
The husband I had been introduced to with her earlier in the evening
The husband she had been holding hands with while staring at me so hard I could feel it from across the room
"Oh don't worry about him. By now he's asleep."
She gave me a room number and left
!!!!!!!!! ????????
I quickly found the free bar and the table full of friends where they all had a good laugh
Then we proceeded to drink all the alcohol the wedding had to offer
Then we moved to the bar and tried to drink them dry too
All while toasting the happy couple into the wee hours of the morning
Good fun

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