Thursday, October 30, 2008

Changing things up

Decided to change things up a little bit
So my Surly Cross Check frame set is going on the action block.
I really love this bike (its the 4Th Cross Check I've owned) but its the newest so its got to go to make room and help pay for the next one.
Odds are it will be on EBay by this time next week.
Its a 60cm, less than a year old (purchased in January 2008), never raced or wrecked, and is Surly's slick Misty Mountain Gray in color. I did cut down the steer tube on the fork but not much. I will have to measure it for those that are really interested.
Thinking $320 plus shipping (MSRP is $420).
I am keeping the kit for another cross project.

Click the link above for official Surly specs.
If you are interested email me at

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