Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Smithville cross video action!

This clip from "Blowpud" is of day one of the two day event.
On day one the run up was ride-able as proven by several riders in the clip.
Watching it has made me wish I would have tried it during my race but at I hadn't practiced it or seen anyone ride it before my race and didn't think during the race was the best time to attempt it.
For day two they changed the course so that you came to the run up from the other side taking out the possibility of riding it.

This video was shot by "Scott on a Scott" of the whole first lap (and then some) of the course on Day 2 of the Smithville Cross Fest, CAT4 race. I am there some where but I didn't see me in this clip.
Watch for the crashes at the beginning and the end of the clip

More photos etc with results at the De Stad site.
Great weekend, thanks for putting on the race Chris!

This weekend is another local double header featuring Boss Cross #1 in Parkville, MO Saturday and Sunflower Cross in Lawrence, KS on Sunday.
See you at the races!

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