Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Just finished up a 25 mile "training" cross loop on the 1x9 Cross Check (see post below)
Good times
I felt good, I rode good, things went off with out a hitch
Well OK one hitch
As I was finishing up the last little stretch to home on the Trolley Trail the front tire went flat
Oh well time for more Cyclocross practice... I hopped off and did a couple running intervals with the bike the last few blocks home
Over all a successful ride
I got some single track action in BuRP which admittedly was a bit wet.
But I was checking behind me and I wasn't leaving a track or bogging up my tires so I figured it was OK
The ground was hard and just the top couple MM were slick in spots
Rode a new connector that I hadn't seen before which I really liked
Its a fun little loop with today's cooler temps (I was in arm and knee warmers) and the geared bike it was good times
Nice change of pace
Plus it was really the first ride on the "new" Cross Check in its 1x9 form
It will make a nice back up bike for race days
I mapped the loop before and posted it. It was a bit different today but this will give you the general idea:

Time to do some stretching and then round up some dinner


pete said...

I have been thinking about converting my xcheck to a 1x9. I just don't need all them gears living in the flat land that is MN. Plus, I think I can fab a beer holder where the shifter is on the left drop. Ah, a winter project.


Anonymous said...

How many different cross bikes do you have now? The various Cross-Checks and the other one that you got last year correct? Bastard!

I so want a Monster X bike to do everything on.

One Eyed z said...

I have 3
The BFM -fixed gear Surly Cross Check that is my bad weather beater
1x9 misty mountain gray Cross Check (my newest bike) for a back up and "training"
And then the Van Dessel CRB single speed that is my race bike
I too would like a Monster Cross
I've got big ideas, a couple of diffrent frame builders in mind but no money
Some day some day....

Squirrel said...

let me know if u want the tent bro.