Saturday, November 29, 2008

Enough already!

In roughly three days TWO cyclists in this town have been taken out by cars.
Responsible, aware, daily riders and women to boot

Bikes are jacked,
The riders are are broken, battered and bruised with stitches in their pretty faces

This is NOT the way to start the "holiday" season

Drivers- put down the cell phone, put your hands on the wheel, and stay aware of the "other" traffic on the road.
Quit driving like a jackass cause you think you can

Cyclists- Heads up, keep your eyes open, and don't assume that the driver sees you
Quit riding like a jackass because you think you can

*little side note to several riders I saw last night...
Wearing all black and running with no lights might make you feel stealthily and cool but its also a good way to end up under a truck
Knock that shit off

For reals people!

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Meetzorp said...

Well, honestly, neither the driver of the truck nor I were comporting ourselves in the manner of a jackass. The person who parked the enormous fucking van on the corner of the street...that person may bet the jackass award. They tidily created a blind corner for both the driver and me.

Who's the other person who got mowed?