Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fall 2008 Inventory

With the Fall 2008 inventory coming up in the shop I got to thinking.
I have a few bikes and with nothing better to do today (besides Voting) and before an afternoon ride I decided to take inventroy of my own personal collection:

The fixed daily driver - Peugeot:

SS Cross Dresser/Racer - The Van Dessel CRB:

Tour Machine - Long Haul Trucker:

Single Track Dirt Burner - Karate Monkey 29er:

Pave Eating Speed Machine - Pacer:

Fatty Fixie Commuter - The BFM (Bloody F#cking Mess)-Cross Check #3:

The Back Up Cross Racer/Trainer - 1x9 - Cross Check #4:

You might say I have a few Surlys:

SS Roadie - The Odd ball:

The Bar Hopper/Neighborhood Ripper - Electra Classic Cruiser 2005 New Belgium LTD:

Your SUV sucks:

Go ride a bike!

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