Monday, December 22, 2008

Inspiration from others

Sometimes I worry that I get ideas for things to write about from other blogs.
I try to avoid it, sometimes it works and other times it just reminds me of things I had been thinking of all along and never posted.
After reading HTATBL this morning such is the case today.

After my accident 3 years go I got back on the bike as soon as I was able.
Well ok, in all honesty I actually cheated a bit and rode some before I was cleared by my doctor and family to do so.
Being blind in one eye tends to be a bit challenging at times but it really isn't awful considering what could have been.
I have been often quoted post accident as saying "Better blind than dead".
Its true.
I jumped back into riding as soon as I could.
I even picked up 2nd in the first mountain bike race I did post accident.
People claimed to be amazed that I was riding again so soon, let alone trail riding where a sense of depth perception typically helps.
A lot of times people seem to want to tell me this while we were riding (I'm looking at you Dr. Pink)... which, as much as I appreciate the complement, really doesn't help.
I start thing about what I am doing instead of just doing what I am doing, and the next thing you know I can't hold a line and am bouncing off of trees.
Not too different from normal but normally I'm not thinking about it.

However, as amazing as being the bike riding One Eyed z maybe to some, I got nothing on someone like Bobby McMullen.
I first heard of Bobby through Dirt Rag not long after I got out of the hospital.
Bobby is blind
Bobby races and rides down hill.

Talk about inspiration.
Next time you think you got it bad, or you think you should give up mountain biking cause you don't have the skill, remember Bobby McMullen.

Dig it

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