Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter commitment to not going crazy

I have decided that this cold weather (11 degrees now and snow on the way) and my 8-ish channel TV (as I like to say 4, 5, and fuzzy) are gonna make me crazy. It seems like I spend more time watching commercials than shows anyway, outside of the fact that I watch way too much TV already, but hey its freaking cold out there.
With the national change to digital TV in February several of my current channels are changing over before Christmas, I noticed tonight one is already gone. Meaning that I will be down to about 2 channels until February.
I could get the "converter box" but that doesn't really change my range of interesting things to watch.

I don’t want to go crazy
So I have an appointment for cable to be installed Wednesday morning.
I am excited but know I shouldn't be. But its better than nothing.

Now with my rollers and cable TV winter is looking better, if only slightly.

I slacked with my trainer riding last winter and could tell in spring.
In my legs and my waist line.
I am gonna try and do better this year.
Ride outside when I can but inside when I can't.
Its gonna be a long winter, but at least now maybe I will have something to watch.

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