Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3rd (?) Annual F*uk L-town Pub Crawl

The word came down today from "Sexy Pants"...

We are doing the third annual Fu*k Lawrence Pub Crawl on Saturday the 31st
We will meet at 75 Street Brewery at 7 pm.
We leave when we want to & go ride & drink until we fall over.
Pass this on to any you deem irresponsible enough.

big grin...

So there you have it. If you wanna play come play. If not stay home.
I would imagine that we will at least ride from 75Th to the River Market and back.
But then again who knows... it could very well end up being an all Waldo pub crawl.
Weather and what not could be a factor.
Guess we will have to wait and see.

Things to bring:
Drinking cap
Bike (duh)
Bike lock (may not get used but never a bad idea)
Camera (to capture the shenanigans)
Drinking money (shots are mandatory and I ain't buy'n yours, hell I may not be able to buy mine)
Dancing shoes (you never know)
A friend (the more the merrier right?)
A good attitude (act like a dick and you will get treated like a dick and probably smacked around, tied to a pole and left for dead. Hey it could happen!).

A little advice from the single guy...
If you are "attached" and your mate doesn't play... er,ride get a kitchen pass early so you can.
Also spend sometime buttering he/she/it up during the week, taking out the trash etc.
This way when you call them drunk at 4AM lost and alone (or tied to a pole cause you were being a dick) they won't laugh and hang up but come and find you.
Trust me... this does/can/will happen.

*Little history...
The F*ck L-town Pub Crawl started a few years back (technically it hasn't happened annually for 3 years... we slacked and forgot last year, maybe one other year too but this is the third year of doing it... I think. It all kinda runs together after a while).
Back in the day there was a huge pub crawl every year in L-town the weekend of or before (Like I said its all run together) the Super Bowl.
After several years of doing it we (I) realized that we didn't know anyone that lived in L-town any more. So no place to crash.
We hoteled it one year but that got expensive quick.
And whats the point of driving out to L-town for a pub crawl if you can't get blind drunk when you have to drive home? F*ck L-town, we can do it better in KCMO.
Thus the F*ck L-town Pub Crawl was born.

See you kids on the 31st.

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