Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday morning

Woke up later than expected feeling very tired. Figured I would make some coffee and lay in bed and read. That was the plan until I discovered that was out of coffee. So I dressed and did a quick 5 mile time trial to the market and back.
Coffee brewed and breakfast cooked.

My new Obama t-shirt arrived in the mail the other day.
Obamunism....It gave me a giggle and I am digging all over it.
Inauguration day is Tuesday!

Speaking of Obama. Caught a press conference of some sort on TV the other night.
Dig the dude in the back ground. I think I found my new idol. Nice stache sir!

Just remember... "Guns don't kill people. Guys with mustaches do."

Gonna go spend the afternoon with these people... the Wisely family, i.e. my sister, her hubby and kids.

Its one of the girls birthdays. The problem is I don't remember which one.
There are 5 choose from so you can see how I might get confused.
Guess I will have to fake it until I know for sure.
I'm a bad uncle.

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