Tuesday, February 03, 2009

BB's conditon update

Just got off the phone with BB’s brother Aaron.
BB’s condition hasn’t changed a whole lot since the accident a week ago today but it is improving.
The swelling in his brain has receded; however there does appear to be some minor damage to his brain stem.
The doctors think that with time the damage could heal.
In the Cat scan or MRI there are white spots on his brain where no oxygenated blood was getting to it. Its could be a bad sign but much like with the brain stem damage the doctors say it could heal with time.
The have removed the breathing tube and given him a tracheostomy. The are also going to start weaning him off of the drugs that were keeping him in the coma to allow his body to come out of the coma on its own.
The extent of the damage is still up in the air. With this kind of injury there is no way or really knowing how extensive it is until he comes out of the coma.
Per Aaron the doctors seem to be pretty positive about his condition and that is a good thing.
His wife Kellie has had a rough week but is hanging in there. She has been staying with her folks with her 3 children when not at his bed side.
At this point its just a waiting game. The extent of the real damage won’t be determined until he is awake.
The family thanks everyone for their support and well wishes.
I will keep everyone updated as I get updates on his condition from the family.

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