Thursday, March 19, 2009

KCsprints presents: Coldsprints March 21st @ Harling's Upstairs Bar

Outdoor riding isn’t looking overly promising for this weekend
Looks like rain, rain, and more rain in the forecast
Good thing we are having a roller race Saturday night!

You should come to KCsprints Race #2 w/Coldsprints from MPLS @ Harling’s Upstairs bar
Sign ups start at 7
Racing starts at 8
$5 for the bracket race
$2 grudge match
Watching is free (although you could be sweet and buy racers and promoters beers)
$2 PBR
$2.75 pints of Guinness

Should be one a heck of a good time!
Spread the word around to your friends, riders and non-riders.
A cheering crowd is a good crowd.
Official flyer here (with incorrect times since we have pushed everything back an hour):
Coldsprints flyers and signage

We have a small blurb in the Pitch this week:

And we were mentioned on How To Avoid The Bummer Life dot Com Wednesday:

Photo set from out last race is on Flickr:

And there is more info about Coldsprints and a video of their races up in MPLS here:

Saturday night should be full of good times!
See you there!

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