Wednesday, April 01, 2009

KCsprints x2 in April!!!

Ok boys and girls!
This ain't no April’s Fools announcement… Its time to race!

For the month of April KCsprints is presenting two nights of racing!
That’s right… TWO nights! And they are coming up quick so get yourself ready!

Night One:
KCsprints presents: The First Fridays Grunge Matches @ the Cellar Rat (weather permitting)
First Fridays is this Friday April 3rd in the Crossroad District.
We will be holding Grunge Matches all evening (weather permitting) in the parking lot of the Cellar Rat.
The Cellar Rat is 1701 Baltimore Ave in the Crossroads District of downtown Kansas City.
Come down, wander around the Crossroads for First Fridays, check out the open galleries, have a drink at one of the fine local establishments, then throw down a couple bucks and challenge a friend to a Grudge Match @ the Cellar Rat.
Grudge matches are $2 a pop
Come on out and challenge Jones!

Night Two:
KCsprints Race #3 @ Harling’s Upstairs Bar
Race #3 is Friday April 17th once again in the back room at Harling’s Bar.
Harling’s is quickly becoming the home of KCsprints and we look forward to continuing to hold races there as long as they will have us.
It’s a great venue with great drink prices and they simply love to have us race there.

For Race #3: Sign up @8 Races start @9
$5 to be part of the bracket race
$2 per grunge match

Don’t forget that Harling’s is a CASH ONLY bar so be sure to make your ATM stop before you get there.
We’ve pretty much sold Harling’s out of PBR both times we have had races there.
Lets keep up that fine tradition. At $2 a can it shouldn’t be hard to do.
Come out Friday night race, drink, or just cheer everyone on.
A cheering crowd is a good crowd and the racers always race faster with the encouragement.

Thanks again for all of your support making the KCsprints indoor cycle race series the success its been.
See you at the races!

Kansas City’s first and only indoor cycle race series
Harling’s – Surly – Twin Six – CycleOps – HSP – Urban Velo

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One Eyed z said...

And since apparentely I can't spell (although I am sure you know what I ment) don't forget to bring you flannel shirt for our grunge match