Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Speaking of Fashion....

I've already got the bike, just need the kit
I'm already riding the bike (in fixed gear form) all I need is the kit.

Web surfing this morning I came across this page where I found the classic kit I have been wishing for...
Peugeot Jersey
I've always wanted a "classic" kit but didn't really think the one I wanted was available anywhere.
I was wrong.
They offer the Peugeot jersey, bibs, socks, caps and you get a better deal if you buy it all together.
The problem is that everything is Euro sized and I have no idea what would fit.
Although by looking at the sizing chart I wear a Euro XXXL...WTF?
I have a hard time believing that I wear a 3XL jersey... I know I'm a fat American but XXXL? Really?
I've seen 3XL jerseys and they are HUGE!
Granted I was looking at American sized 3XL not Euro sized. Hmmmm.... dang skinny Europeans...ruining it for everyone, or at least for me.

So that being said, mom since you are one of 6 or so people that read this blog... guess what I want for my birthday?

Until someone gets me the full kit or I manage to come up with some extra $$ (tax refund is gone baby gone) I might have to suffice with ordering myself the Peugeot cap.
peugeot cap
Maybe two. Three to be safe.


thad said...

i have that exact jersey - and i'm fatter than you. mines a 4XL and fits snug, snug , snug. i reserve the wearing of it for the late summer months when i am most fit.

One Eyed z said...

4XL? Oh man. I guess thats the size I would need. Crazy Euro sizing!