Sunday, May 03, 2009

Whats in your bag?

I've seen this done several times in different places and decided to try it myself.
Mostly because I know I carry a lot of crap in my bag.
This stuff lives in "Big Yellow" my Ortlieb water proof messenger bag

Big Yellow Bag

*Rain jacket - Rain pants - small towel - Arm warmers - T-shirt
*KC street map (just in case)
*Tubes (2 sizes)
*Blackburn pump with bag to keep it clean and "safe"
*Tool bag - 15mm wrench - C02 cartridges/shooter - tire levers - spoke wrench - Patch kit - multi tool
*Food bag - Clif bars, gum, hand warmers
*Camera bag w/camera, batteries, charger, cords etc
*Mini tape recorder w/spare cassette and batteries (started carrying this some time back for some reason. Never has been used)
*Note pad with pen - for scribbling my random thoughts
*Travel tooth brush, Red Fang beer coozie, Trojan, Sharpie
*Pedal strap

No wonder my bag is so heavy when its "empty"


crusty said...

The apocalypse is coming. At least your prepared. Phuck sake's Zeke, why the hell do you carry that much chit for?

One Eyed z said...

I don't know. Things kind of accumlate. I didn't thin it out either when I put it all back in the bag. Although perhaps I should