Friday, July 17, 2009

I think I'm packed...

3rd repack = done

I know it looks like the bike is heavily loaded, and it is but not as bad as it looks.
I'm not taking alot, but no more than years past.
And even loaded as is the beauty of this bike is, it rides fantastic!

I think the thing to remember is:
I'm a big boy.
So I require big stuff that doesn't pack as small as other smaller stature peoples gear does.
Also, everything (except my S-Works helmet, in the red bag, and my cowboy hat) are inside the panniers.

Many people use smaller panniers and have stuff like tents, sleeping mats etc on the outside on the rack. I prefer not to do this since I have some really big bags.

Jannd rear panniers:
All camping gear (tent, poles, stakes, tarp, bed roll), blanket, sheet, travel pillow, rain jacket, vest, arm and knee warmers, all tools/tubes, sunscreen, butt balm, cozies, zip ties, spare H20 bottles, spare spokes, clothes (both on the bike, for 7 days of riding, and off the bike) and two bottles of whiskey.

Axiom front panniers:
Personal/hygiene items (tooth brush/paste, floss, contacts/solution, mouth wash, talcum, wet wipes, eye drops, razor, soap/wash cloth), RX glasses w/cases (2pair one for off the bike one for on), sunglasses w/cases(two pair), first aid kit, riding gloves (two pair), nutrition (back up Cliff bars and gel shots), head lamp (setting up tent in the dark), I-Pod, note pad, pen, camera, phone, spare batteries, random odds and ends.

The bike:

Surly Long Haul Trucker 62cm
Surly Nice Racks front and rear
Planet Bike hardcore fenders (yellow)
Thomson 27.2 seat post
Brooks Professional saddle
Chris King headset
Ritchey 100mm 31.8 stem
WTB Dirt Drop bar
Shimano R600 STI brake/shift leavers
Tektro canti-lever brakes w/thin line pads
Shimano Ultrega FD
Shimano XTR RD
Race Face 175mm cranks with 34/44 rings
Shimano Ultregra 12/27 cassette
Shimano XTR "limited edition" hubs 32h laced to Salsa Delgado Cross rims Front/Rear wheels
Continental Contact 700x37c tires

Off to the RAGBRAI in the morning.
I'll try to comment during the week on my Twitter and post photos on my Flickr, and maybe even post a short blog here.
That is assuming that my phone gets any service during the week. I wanted to do all those things last year and had no service.
Plus I was so busy having fun I never took the time. I am taking a note pad (again) to scribble some daily notes about the week to post when I return home.

Looking like its gonna be a great week. Now all I need is for my ride to the start town to show up in the morning.


Andrea said...

you can really learn a lot about a person by what they pack. your list tells me that you are a boy scout - always prepared!

jeff said...

Hope you have a great RAGBRAI! I was in CO last August for CRMBT and me 2 guys on Surlys with Brooks saddles and 1 BoB trailer at Monarch Pass, on their way from LA to NY.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

Is that a broken in Brooks Saddle, or are you planning on breaking in a new one on this it's maiden voyage?