Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little revolution now and again is a healthy thing...

If you are a little slow on the up take... much like myself... then you might have missed a little change that just happened.

Stevil Kinevil who has become "famous" in cycling circles, aside from his fantastic mono brow, as the author of Swobo's How to Avoid the Bummer Life blog, has a new gig.
This is where you ask:
Why does Stevil have a new gig? Weren't HTATBL and Guys Who Cut Their Own Hair enough to keep him busy?
Perhaps, but Swobo and Stevil parted ways early this month.
And again you ask:
Well thats not really any of our business but...
If I was to speculate... I would guess it has something to do with how they weren't satisfying each other sexually... or perhaps something else entirely...
Like I said its not really any of our business.

So, Stevil has been busying himself this month setting up his new online digs.
As Stevil himself said in an email about their parting:
"fear not, as it will take more than that to shut a mouth this big"

Indeed it will, thank goodness.

So with all that being said...

All Hail the Black Market!!
All Hail the Black Market

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