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Kansas City Cup Challenge

KC Cup September 19-20th



Dirt Lovin Good Times presented by The North Face

Kansas City Cup Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls:

Heartland Sports Promotions [HSP] is pleased to announce the inaugural cycling and trail running event at Camp Lake of the Woods in Swope Park.
Last winter the Earth Riders Trails Association [ERTA] and their board members, architects and builders of the trail Scott Capstack and Craig Stoeltzing, opened 1.5 miles of singletrack to the public, since then the trail has expanded to 3.5 miles.

The Kansas City Cup Challenge is fast approaching. This cycling event is the first of what many hope will be a continuing tradition of great trail building and showcasing through races in the Kansas City Metro area. Races will include the cyclo-cross season opener, a trail running race, kid’s race, and a traditional cross-country mountain bike race.

Saturday’s festivities begin with the trail run registration at 7:00 a.m. and the trail run start at 8:00 a.m. There will be a 5k and 10k option. Many runners have been using the trail for training and this will be an outstanding time to compare times with fellow runners.

Before the cyclo-cross race start, kids of all ages are welcome to come race their bicycles! The kids’ race will loop around the cyclo-cross course, completing their allotted number of half loops or a loop.

The cyclo-cross race will be a 1.5-mile loop with racers competing on modified road bikes that have bigger, knobby tires for the dirt. Racers will complete as many laps as possible in the allotted time for each category. Cyclo-cross registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. and continue throughout the day so racers may register for their different categories. The race flyer can be found on our website.

The traditional cross-country mountain bike race will take off on Sunday. The beginner, sport, and expert classes will be taking off at different times to accommodate the tight trail. The mountain bike course at Swope is (so far) 3.5 miles of pristine dirt. The trail has technical sections made more so by the exertion of climbing to one of the highest peaks in Swope Park.

To aid in the further completion of singletrack at Swope, many items will be raffled on Saturday and Sunday [proceeds go to ERTA and HSP trail building efforts].

Entry fees and classes can be found on our website.

Saturday Chipotle burritos will be available and Sunday ERTA will provide concessions [proceeds go to ERTA and HSP trail building efforts].

JET Chiropractic will be on hand for any adjustments.

See you on the trail September 19-20!

Heartland Sports Promotions [HSP]

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