Monday, October 19, 2009

Its Monday...

And work was OK and short but really who wants to be there?

One of my Surly Cross Checks frames is officially sold and gone. And I'm thinking about my Giant TCX frame thats on order. Can't wait to get it and get it built up. Should be fun to ride.
It will be nice to have a geared CX rig (1x9) again and get out and do some gravel riding.
Speaking of gravel...
I was poking around the interweb today and found this little video on Cornbread's Blog from the 2009 HSP Dirty Kanza

Makes me wish I had the legs and the time to do the race. Typically my work event schedule doesn't allow for it.
Also makes me wish there was gravel a little closer to home.
Since I live in more in town the gravel is a ways away. One section I like to ride is a 25 pave ride from my house.
Do able but after 25 miles on the SSCX do I really want to tackle gravel when I know I still have to ride home? Not yet.

Raced in the BLVD Cup CX Sunday. Felt like I rode fairly well.
25 out of 52 is considered fairly well by me.
I need to see if I can beat up on Mr Joshua and Laura for some photos. Supposedly they took 400. I didn't even have my camera.
I did find and steal this one though:
Fat Guy in a Skin Suit
Fat Guy in a Skin Suit

Another great video I found today on Fuck Gas:

A Reason to Bike from Brighter Planet on Vimeo.

Makes me want to go for a swim.

Its a beautiful day in KC. I'm feeling lazy after the riding this weekend but should go for a ride all the same.
The rains are supposedly returning tomorrow. We'll see.

Have a good week

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gwadzilla said...

love that film!

very fun!

I was bummed there was not shots of me at my last cross race where I rode the log barriers
they were log pyramids and easy enough to ride
most people were dismounting

the race prior
I happened to get caught on film

about a minute into it I get chased
that is me... in the still shot
so... when people are running through the muck
expect to see me make some crucial passes on foot
finished top twenty out of over a hundred racers

good for me