Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Regular Maintenance...

*This is a repost of what I put up at 4 The Ride of Your Life

Its important to the life of your ride.
Even more so when you run higher dollar parts.
Not because higher dollar parts need more maintenance, they just cost more to replace when you don't maintain them.

Don't let this happen to you:
Regular maintenance fail
A Campagnolo Ultra Torque BB/crankset should not look like this
These bearings need replacement, frame cups too
We had to take a mallet to the cranks to get them out of the Serotta Legend Ti frame

Cleaning should be part of your regular maintenance routine.
Don't expect your LBS to do it all for you (at least not for free)
A clean bike is a happy bike.

Miles and miles of sweat, dirt and rain created the corrosion which ate through this Chris King headset resulting in its failure:
Headset Fail

Sweat eats parts.
If you are one of the sweaty types, don't forget to clean you bike.
Its relatively easy and can be somewhat enjoyable.
The time you spend on it is rewarded by a better running bike that will last longer

Now go ride.

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