Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More from KC Sprints does Lincoln

KC Sprints Lincoln, Nebraska Saturday January 16, 2010 at Duffy's Tavern from Cornbread on Vimeo.

Thanks Cornbread for the video

Photos from Enrico Fuente

Photos from uNkY jOIns

Photos from the One Eyed z

Photos from the PCL (on FaceBook)

Good times had by all.
A big thanks goes out to:
The Pirate Cycling League, Folks from Lincoln, Mark Anderson, and Specialized for their help getting additional prizes & swag (I think almost every shop in Lincoln was represented. Awesome!!)
Hoss & everyone who helped in getting the word out to the masses (Hit up D Street of your replacement bottle of vodka buddy).
The Lincoln Journal Star for coming out and putting a piece on us in Sunday's paper.
Along with the guys at the D Street bike hotel for a place to crash (enjoy the vodka).

Thanks again to Lincoln for coming out to play!
We'll be back for another race in Lincoln for sure!

Also a big thanks to our sponsors this season:
Eighth Inch
Chrome Bags
Twin Six
All Hail the Black Market
Honor Vodka

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