Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stuff is happening

Gents Race training in the wet Its cold & wet
Did another training ride for the up coming MWI Gentlemen's Race this past weekend.
Its was a wet one and pretty chilly too.
Which, as it turns out, might be a good thing to get used to.
Weather for race day is looking to be wet & in the upper 30 with a chance of snow.
I hate to sound like a puss but I was really hoping for sunny and in the 50s.
Ah well. Fortunately I've got a good crew gathered to do this with me.
Plus I found out today that one of the 8 teams has dropped out because of the "possible inclement weather".
Which of course means now we are guaranteed at least 7th place.
Assuming we finish at all.
KC Sprints crew has announced a few more dates coming up in April.
Saturday April 10th at the
Buzzard Beach in Westport
Friday April 30th at the
Replay Lounge in Lawrence
Should be good times. Mark your calenders.

KC Sprints 2 Buzzard Beach

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