Monday, April 05, 2010

KC Sprints Saturday night @ the Buzzard Beach

KC Sprints @ Buzzard Beach

This Saturday night at the Buzzard Beach in Westport....
Its time for KC Sprints!

Think you built up some good sprinting power in your winter of spin classes?
Prove it!

Come on out Saturday night to Buzzard Beach and test your legs aganist some of the best sprinters KC has to offer (or at least the ones that show up).

Good times and drink specials for everyone.
Bragging rights and prizes for the winners!

See you Saturday night at Kansas City's only 5 star dive bar, Buzzard Beach!

uNkY jOIns, Jev Jev, One Eyed z
KC Sprints
Kansas City only indoor cycling race series

Sponsored by:
Eighth Inch, Urban Velo, Twin Six, Surly, CycleOps, Chrome, Giro, All Hail the Black Market, Volker Cycles, The Bunker, Honor Vodka, & Pabst Blue Ribbon

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