Friday, June 25, 2010

Day off dirt

I had Thursday off so after doing nothing all morning I pulled the trusty 29er single speed off the rack, knocked off the dust (been a bit since I've been on it), aired up the tires, lubed the chain and headed east to the Swope Park Trails.
I didn't realize until right before I headed out that a chuck of Phase 3 was now open.
After a roughly 30 minute spin of the road (the 29er is geared for off road not on so its cadence practice to get there)I dove into the trails.
I wasnt sure where the entrance to Phase 3 was exactly but it was easy to find.
I did a couple of laps. The first one was kinda rough but its hard to carry any speed when you aren't sure what is coming up around the next bend.
Over all a great ride. The HSP & ERTA gang have done a great job building some sweet single track.
The Swope Trails even made the front page of the KC Star recently, check it out & then get out to ride some best dirt in KCMO.

A little taste:

Swope Park Trails
Mmm, dirt. TastySwope Park Trails 06.24.10Swope Park Phase 3Swope Park trails ride 06.24.10Swope Park dirt ride 06.24.10Swope Park ride 06-24-10 Swope Trails

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