Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Hipster Birthday

As you may or may not know my birthday was recently.
And as you may or may not recall back in June I finally killed my beloved Peugeot
At the time I felt the urge to replace my "daily driver" right away.
I explored options of buying something etc but decided to just build up a old steel road frame I had laying in the bike room.
It was a good move & I rode it daily for 3 months.
But something about it just didn't seem "right".
So I was back to exploring options.
The replacement had to fit a couple criteria: price and compatablity with current parts kit.
I had been eye-balling the 2009 Pake (pronounced "PA-KAY") track frame for a while.
The price was right. It hand what I needed (1" head tube and bottle bosses)
But the 2009 version proved to be a little hard to find in my size and for the 2010 versions Pake dropped the bottle bossed and went with a 1 1/8" head tube.
I didn't need a fork (wanted to stick to my not very old 1" track fork) and I wanted to carry a H2O bottle.
Then I found the 2009 Limited Edition Purple Pake, it was payday & I pulled the trigger:


On the first ride I knew I had made a good purchase.
The Pake rode great and felt more like my old Peugeot than the other frame I had been riding.
Plus using an actual track geometry frame (well semi-track geometry) with the track fork fixed the toe overlap problem I had had on both the Peugeot and the other frame.
I'm pleased.
Even if the Pake is one more step down the road of "Hipster-ism"
Besides everyone knows... "Purple is Fast"

*PEDALPHILE sticker provied by uNkY jOIns

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