Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bicycles, Punk Rock & Tattoos... my kind of stuff

Yeah yeah yeah. Its F'n Xmess. I know. But if your are expecting some kind of sappy Xmess post from me well then you don't realize the whirlwind mess my life has been the last 1/2 of 2010.
So if thats what you are looking for tonight well I suggest you look elsewhere.
Tonight as I loafed around the "O.E.z. Manor" coming out of the funk of the sickness I got in my stocking this year, I sought entertainment through a like minded blogger that more and more I have to come to appreciate.
NYC blogger Prolly Is Not Probably.
A while back Prolly posted a preview of a upcoming little documentary of the legendary BMX company FBM called I Love My Bicycle: the Story of FBM. A took a look and really wanted to see it.
I knew the name. FBM has been around pretty much my whole life.
I've seen their t-shirts & bikes. I've seen a few of Steve Crandall's (co-owner & founder of FBM) Road Fools videos (I even own Road Fools #14 for some reason). But since I'm not really heavily into BMX and I have had more than enough shit on my plate to deal with as of late I kinda forgot about it.
Until today.
For Christmas film maker Joe Stakun has released his FBM documentary in its entirety on his Vimeo account.
Which means everyone can see it for free! Which makes sense too since apparently all the hard copies sold out.
Gotta spread the word anyway you can.
So in doing my little part to spread the goodness here you go.
But at a little over an hour in length I suggest popping a top on your beverage of choice. And I guess it being Christmas and all means for some of you its eggnog. Personally I can't stand the stuff.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.
There. There's your Christmas sap for ya.

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