Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Evil Collaboration Jersey... WTF?

Thats right.
For 2011 Evil Cycling decided it was time to spread the hate and create chapters of the Evil Racing Syndicate around the world.
In celebration of this this (and to make next months rent) Evil has teamed up with their favorite friends (i.e. the ones most likely to give us a ball tap) to release collaboration jersey:

Evil Cycling
Cars R Coffins
All Hail the Black Market
One on One

Full PRE-ORDER Info can be found HERE

2011 Collaboration jersey - front

2011 Collaboration jersey - back

If you want one don't delay. Orders must be placed and moneys must be in by January 15
No crying if you miss out.
This is your one and ONLY chance to get this jersey.

Please note:
This is NOT an Evil team jersey.
This is a collaboration jersey.
It is jersey only. Not a kit. No shorts/bibs.
Evil caps and socks are also available on the Evil page to round out the look if you so choose.

All you people who have been bothering me for years to get a jersey its time to get up off your wallets and buck up.

$66.06 plus shipping.

Make it happen before we realize what a horrific mistake we are making.

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wunnspeed said...

....And what day do I FINALLY see this? The F-in 16th. Damn!